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DataReportModel modelCaloriesInterval = new DataReportModel(HiHealthPointType.DATA_POINT_CALORIES_SUM,
CharacteristicConstant.ReportType.VALUE_INTERVAL.getReportTypeValue(), 300);

// Result callback.
HiRealTimeCallback hiRealTimeCallback = new HiRealTimeCallback() {
public void onResult(int errCode, String message) {
if (errCode == HiHealthError.SUCCESS) {
Log.i(TAG, “success”);

public void onDataChanged(Bundle bundle) {
// Notify the subscriber when the total calories burned reach 30 kcal (the actual calories burned will be returned).
Log.i(TAG, String.valueOf(bundle.getInt(HiHealthKitConstant.BUNDLE_KEY_CALORIE)));

// Subscribe to calories.
HiHealthDataStore.registerDataAutoReport(context, modelCaloriesInterval, hiRealTimeCallback);

// Cancel the subscription.
HiHealthDataStore.unregisterDataAutoReport(context, modelCaloriesInterval, hiRealTimeCallback);



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